Thanks for your patience with our new site. Exciting things are coming soon. If you
would like to know more about our unique services please call 804-477-7951 or
contact us using the link below.

Welcome to the new home of Common Sense Computing.
At CSC our goal is to take the geek OUT of computing and
make sense of it for regular people.

We believe in making Sense out of your Situation. Are you frustrated with technology?
Intimidated? Do you just need someone to do the footwork for you? The underlying philosophy
at CSC is that dealing with your computing equipment, dealing with your technologies, CAN
be more comfortable. We are dedicated to communicating with you on your terms, in
language and concepts you understand. There may be a place for geeks, but we believe
there is a better way to approach computing for regular people.

We come to you so you don’t have to haul yourself and your equipment down to the mega-
store. We meet or beat competitor prices and we guarantee our work. Whether you are a
home, a home office, or a small business,  we can help.
Service Area
CSC primarily serves Richmond and the surrounding counties.
A modest service charge may apply for travel outside this area or under certain limited